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RP#1- It Took Time, Better Late Than Never

Opening at the morning after of NAWF Destruction, in the beachside modern mansion, one of several properties of Mike Shiekman, we are in the gigantic living room, where the large screen television is playing the 'Scarface' movie, which stars Al Pacino as Tony Montana, one of the most popular gangster films ever seen on screen. It is playing the end scene where the Columbians surround the mansion of Montana and attempt to infiltrate the mansion itself, and eventually do so, as they surround the entrance and the office of Tony, shouting commands to their comrades below. The man himself, affected from taking a large amount of cocaine, grabs a gun from his cabinet and begins ranting at the Columbians, inserting the clips and still walking towards the door.

Tony Montana (Television): SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND!

He then blows a grenade launcher shot towards the door, which sends the men spiraling in the air and the door itself is blow down from the powerful shot as Montana fires with machine gun rounds. We then fade out to the actual living room, and Mike is seen with his remote control, flicking through the other channels. Weaver is laid out on the couch, a bag of dope sitting on the coffee table as Mike looks at his friend and shakes his head in obvious disgust, and then bellows at him.


Weaver begins to stir when he hears this, opening his eyes but then closing them. Mike then finds the pipe Weaver was using to smoke and taps him on the head with it, as Weaver begins groaning and trying to get away, but it is no use. Finally, he sits up in an instant, while Mike is seen laughing as Weaver feels his head to check for any damage...

No need Weaver. You aint got any hair! You’re a shiny baldy like 'Mr Angry Man’, like Kronos.

Weaver sarcastically laughs and then flips him the middle finger which makes 'The Shiekdaddie' roar with laughter. After a few moments of this, Weaver manages to resolve himself and his thoughts to be able to speak.

Your an asshole, you know that? I was enjoying my beauty sleep.

For you, it's 'freak sleep'. For ME, it's beauty sleep. Face it, your really just a stoner now. I'll book you in a good rehab centre.

Do that and I'll shove this pipe squarely up your hole and it'll go so far up, it'll take a surgeon six hours to remove it.

Too bad you’re not as good with insults as you are with smoking that shit. Where's your bi...

Weaver growls when Mike goes to say the word 'bitch' and Mike slaps him across the head in a playful manner, but Weaver fails to see the funny side of it. Mike sighs and takes a deep breath as he switches off the television and turns his full body around to his friend, so that he can have his full attention.

Lighten up, man. Jesus...just because I embarrass you every week in front of live audiences and bums who live on the street and have lives just like yours...

You think it’s that? No, I’ve lost most of my stash, my SECRET stash too, all because of you, Quinn, and those guys at Wendy’s that took it out of my sock while I was getting my mayo.

How did you not know they were in your sock?

Dude, you know I can’t feel or taste anything when I’m stoned. That’s why I could eat that McDonald’s crap salad.

Those things are just as bad as the chicken sandwiches, beside you don’t know what they put in there.

Yeah. I don’t care.

Well, at the moment, I'm in a little predicament. You need to stay out of my ass for this week. I've got Clark and Blue on my hands, gotta win the tag titles, not to mention the probability of the NAWF closing...

Weaver, who was taking a giant hit when Mike was saying his last statement, begins coughing violently and tries to get some oxygen into his lungs, and for a few seconds, is trying to take in deep breaths. After a few moments, he manages to take the hit and looks up at Mike, his eyes full of wonder and shock.

What?! The NAWF may close?!

Well, yeah, it’s not finalized, but the date is for Spring Fever.

But why? With you as a possible double champion in a few weeks and having 2 mainstream matches at the PPV, how could this be.

Are you an idiot or what? We only have a nine guy roster, and half the guys show up every week, unless we have a change of ownership or a big boom in worthy applicants, this place is going down.

Your words always leave a sour taste in my mouth.

Mike is in despair as he opens up his arms as if to say 'why bother?' but then smiles.

So I’ve got Blue and Clark, yet again.

If I remember, Blue beat you the first time you guys faced off.

Yes! Thank you for mentioning that Weaver, too bad he’s been sucking it up ever since then…

But, since I'm high, I’m allowed to speak my mind. Yeah, he’s been fighting new guys on the low card most of the time, hasn’t gotten back to form since the Chance of a Lifetime.

Is this some sort of sick joke or something? Why do I ALWAYS face rookies or guys that I see week after week, like Clark…I hate that. They suck.

That would explain the small roster don’t you think?

Shut up.

Mike catches the drift and his face is truly a sight to see, one of true and utter horror. His eyes have a hint of sadness, and Mike moves towards his leather couch, and then collapses onto it. He then immediately sits up, and has a giant smile.

I got an idea…

What's that, chico? Take a hit with me, yo?

Weaver offers Mike the pipe, his arm outstretched and his hand holding the pipe itself. Mike however, is enraged and slaps it out of its hand, as the pipe falls to the ground, unwanted by the Shiekdaddie. Weaver's eyes open in shock as he believes his pipe is broken, but on closer inspection, realizes it's still useable.

I'm warning you. Offer me a drug again and I WILL book you into rehab! You hear me?

Asshole. Go back to pretending to be hot shit.

Last time I checked, I was.

Mike lets out a small laugh and then begins to walk towards the giant staircase, but then stops and takes a look back at his partner, as if wanting to say something to him. Indeed, he opens his mouth and shouts back to his friend.

I got to go and do something. Stay here and just...erm...whatever you do when I'm not around.

Watch the Chyna and X Pac sex video over and over?

Mike shakes his head in obvious disgust for what Weaver just said, and heads upstairs and out of camera sight as the scene slowly fades to black.